Welcome To MB Technology Consultants

Helping your business become tech efficient

Our service offerings bring together our knowledge in the technology space, with strategic partners to help your business thrive in the modern economy.

Website Hosting & Security

Website Hosting & Security

We provide you with high quality servers, and handle the SSL, backups, security updates, and all that other (not so) fun stuff!
Cloud Phone Systems

Cloud Phone Systems

Upgrading to a flexible and modern phone system is often the biggest efficiency upgrade a business can make.
SEO & Analytics

SEO & Analytics

We can help your website and social media content rank higher, getting more eyes on your business each day.

Website Development & Design

High Quality Websites for your High Quality Business

Whether it’s a marketing / advertising site, e-commerce, booking & appointments, or something more custom, we have you covered!


WordPress is one of the many tools we might recommend using to help your business grow (affordably too)!


We have experience with all of the big players. Whether it's Shopify, WordPress, or a custom build, we can help take your online store to the next level.

Our strategy

Helping You Help Your Business

Deep Dive

We love getting our hands dirty. We will take a look at all the technology your company uses, and discuss with you what works, what doesn't, and what incurs too much cost.

From there we will work with you on changes so you can run on all cylinders.

Reliable Communication

Whether you are a long time customer, or a prospective one, we promise to always keep you in the loop and get your feedback.

Nothing's worse than committing to a project and learning you can't trust who you're working with to communicate.

Long Term Relationships

Technology is ever-changing.

We are here to walk alongside you as your business grows, and as technologies change and emerge.